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Astronomy Domine:

How to read the stars (according to the Grand Magus of the Holy Order of Wild Thing)

(nada) This sucks big time.
Don't waste vinyl; save the planet!
Who in their right mind gave us this one for a review?
What time is it?
Heard it all before.
OK but first consider rack/HD free space before gettin' it.
Well worth more than a few 'spins'.
Money spender.
To be considered for this year's Top Album List.
It's got to be an awfully great year for it to miss Wild Thing's Top.
Instant (karma?) classic.



Not many records here. Anything in the category of Grateful Dead's American Beauty, James Brown's Live at the Apollo, CSN&Y's Déjà Vu, The Beatles' white alb and that sort of stuff...