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Best sounds of 2013
by Timelord Michalis:

I. Albums:
(Note: two No. 1s and fourteen No. 11s)

11. THE LUCK OF EDEN HALL - Victoria Moon (self-released)
11. THE MOVEMENTS - Like Elephants 1 (Crusher Records)
11. PARIR meets ELECTRIC MOON - The Paper Moon Sessions (Sulatron Records)
11. TECHNICOLOR POETS - All That Is Solid (Kommun2)
11. NIGHT BEATS - Sonic Bloom (The Reverberation Appreciation Society)
11. THE ENTRANCE BAND - Face the Sun (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond)
11. NICK RIFF - Escape Velocity (Riffdisc /Cosmic Eye Music)
11. SOFT HEARTED SCIENTISTS - Whatever Happened to The Soft Hearted Scientists (FdM Vol.38, Fruits de Mer)
11. TELSTAR SOUND DRONE - Comedown (Bad Afro Records)
11. WOODEN SHJIPS - Back to Land (Thrill Jockey)
11. LAMP OF THE UNIVERSE - Transcendence (Clostridium Records)
11. COSMIC TRIP MACHINE - Golden Horus Name (Nasoni Records)
11. NO MAN'S LAND - Unprotected (Anazitisi Records)
11. GARDNER JACCO - Cabinet of Curiosities (Trouble In Mind Records)
10. PERMANENT CLEAR LIGHT - Beyond These Things (Havasupai Records)
09. SPIDS NOGENHAT - Kommer Med Fred (Bad Afro Records)
08. SENDELICA - The Kaleidoscopic Kat and its Autoscopic Ego (Vincebus Eruptum Records)
07. KRAUTZONE - Kosmische Rituale (Sulatron Records)
06. GIOBIA - Introducing Night Sound (Sulatron Records)
05. KIKAGAKU MOYO - Kikagaku Moyo (Cosmic Eye / Sound Effect Records)
04. THE DEAD-END ALLEY BAND - Whispers of the Night (Nasoni Records)
03. ONE OF THESE DAYS & THEE HEAVY RANDOM TONE COLOUR LAB - A Peaceful Nacht in Hell (self-released)
02. ROSE WINDOWS - The Sun Dogs (Sub Pop Records)
01. ii. VIBRAVOID - Delirio dei Sensi (Go Down Records)
01. i. PURPLE OVERDOSE - Gemineye (The last ever recordings) (Anazitisi Records)

II. Various / re-issues / EPs / singles:
(Note: except No. 1, all others in alphabetical order)

* DANTALIAN'S CHARIOT - Chariot Rising (LP, Wah Wah)
* DEAN ALLEN FOYD - Dean Allen Foyd (10"EP, Crusher Records)
* DREAM - Rebellion (LP, Pseudonym)
* ELECTRIC MOON - You Can See the Sound of... (10"EP, Sulatron Records)
* GOAT - Live Ballroom Ritual (2LP, Rocket)
* LIVING ROOM - Acid Comes (LP, World In Sound)
* SPACE AGENCY - "Bombay Potatoes" / "Purple Power" (7", Market Square Records)
* SULA BASSANA - Dreamer (10-year anniversary) (LP, Sulatron Records)
* VARIOUS ARTISTS - Re-Evolution: FdM Sings The Hollies (LP, Fruits de Mer)
* VARIOUS ARTISTS - Shrunken Head Music (2x7", Fruits de Mer)
* VARIOUS ARTISTS - The White (7"EP, Fruits de Mer)
* VESPERO - "Careful With That Axe, Eugene" (7", Fruits de Mer)
* VIBRAVOID - Colour Your Mind (7"EP, Fruits de Mer)
* VIBRAVOID - Distortions [Re-mastered] (2LP, Stoned Karma)
1.SIMONES - 20th Anniversary (4LP box-set, Headspin Records)

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